Chapter 3

“Lust is to the other passions what the nervous fluid is to life; it supports them all, lends strength to them all ambition, cruelty, avarice, revenge, are all founded on lust.”

― Marquis de Sade

It took no time at all for Baltasar to finish removing his clothes. Izîl’s eyes trailed over his naked body, his gaze ravenous as he took in every detail of the human. Baltasar laid back in bed, the cool satin of the duvet felt glorious on his bare skin as he spread his legs wide.

Izîl licked his lips and then he was a blur of movement and next thing he knew the vampire King was standing bare in front of him. And Baltasar felt his breath caught at the sight of him. He was a Greek Adonis made real. Broad shoulders, firm chest, thick toned thighs, and large muscular arms. His eyes traveled down to his groin and the vampire’s penis was just as perfect as the rest of him.

It was thick and long, but not monstrously so. Baltasar’s mouth watered and he had the sudden urge to leap from the bed and put his mouth on it. Izîl crossed the distance between, and Baltasar looked up to meet his eyes.

‘Like what you see?’

Baltasar, mouth dry, only nodded. Izîl climbed on the bed, and Baltasar couldn’t help but groan as the hard weight of the vampire dropped on top of him. Baltasar couldn’t concentrate on that for long because suddenly he was being kissed again. He moaned rocking up into him and their cocks rubbing against each other.

‘God, you’re so wet.’ Izîl murmured against his lips before plundering his mouth in a hard kiss.

A sharp pang of lust rushed down his spine as they rubbed against each other, the copious amount of precome smoothing the way. The friction was delicious against his throbbing member. The pleasure seemed to be everywhere and Baltasar gripped his ass, their hips smacking up against each other as they moved together as one. Baltasar broke from the kiss and threw his head back; his legs wrapping around Izîl. This was the man that had murdered his family but he couldn’t help how turned on he was.

One kiss and he turned into a wanton whore for this vampire. Baltasar was ashamed at how much he was already caught up in Izîl’s allure.

His nails dig into Izîl’s bare shoulder. Just a little further, a little harder, and he would spill all over himself. He couldn’t help groan in dismay as Izîl stilled, hands were slipping into his ash blonde hair to yank it back until Baltasar met the vampire’s intense red gaze. “I want to be inside of you.”

Baltasar nodded rapidly because that suddenly seemed like the best idea ever. Izîl let Baltasar’s hair go, and he slid down his body, licking down Baltasar’s throat to nip first at his right nipple. Baltasar yelped at the feeling of the vampire’s blunt human teeth. The danger of those teeth and the razor-sharp desire confused his instincts. It felt so good but he considered just ending this farce now. But he knew the element of surprise was that his only real advantage and he wouldn’t risk his plan going to shit because of sex.

Baltasar had a plan, and he would stick to it!

“Who is the tease now?” Baltasar gasped out. Izîl ignored Baltasar and licked down the stomach, and the human shivered as the vampire’s wet tongue made it way down his happy trail and finally to his cock. Izîl smirked then he licked a stripe up Baltasar’s engorged cock, his tongue swiping across the head. He gasped as Izîl wrapped his full lips around the tip. “God,” Baltasar bit out if his heartbeat much faster, he was sure that it would beat right out of his chest.

Izîl released his cock, Baltasar shivered at the cold saliva and precome contacted the cool air of the drafty bedroom. Abruptly, Izîl’s head dropped, and he shoved Baltasar’s legs wide apart to lick a stripe from the top of his Perineum down path to his hole quivering in anticipation of what was to come. Instead of getting any attention where he desperately wanted, the vampire pulled one of his balls into his mouth, rolling into his mouth before he released it with a wet pop and moved on to the other one.

Baltasar could only lay there and take it, wanting the vampire’s mouth on his hole but Izîl wouldn’t be rushed. After what seemed like forever, that clever tongue swirled around his hole. “Ah, “Balthasar cried out, “Please.”

Izîl didn’t listen to him. He continued to tease his hole with nips and licks. Baltasar wanted to scream in frustration, he was so turned he felt that he was fit to burst. “PLEASE!” He could feel the vampire’s grin against his leg and then suddenly his tongue slip passes the tight ring of muscle. Baltasar cried out at the tongue fucked deep inside. and Baltasar would never admit, that it turned him on to see the feared King of the Asar coven down between his spread thighs.

Baltasar was so close to coming, and he reached out to put his hands through Izîl’s hair. Fast as a snake, the vampire stopped him. Baltasar moaned, disappointed at the absence of that tongue that had been driving him crazy.

“Don’t touch my hair,” Izîl snapped. He took Baltasar’s hands made him hold on to the iron bars of the wrought-iron headboard. “Keep them there for me.”

“Ooh, kinky.” Baltasar lifted an eyebrow.

“You have no idea, pet.”

Izîl dipped back down between his legs and Baltasar arched as Izîl’s tongue resumed its torturous assault. The vampire went deep inside of him, and then Izîl would teasing pull out to swipe his tongue across the rim before darting right back inside.

“Please, I need you inside me.”

Baltasar looked down to meet Izîl’s red glowing eyes. To Baltasar, relief the vampire gave one last lick to his hole before sitting up. Baltasar hissed as his cold hands wrapped around his throbbing prick. “How much do you want my cock, Baltasar?”

Baltasar hissed, as Izîl squeezed harder; the strength of the vampire’s grip was becoming painful. “Beg,” Izîl ordered.

Baltasar found himself that he could do nothing but comply. “P-P-Please,” Baltasar closed his eyes. “Please fuck me,” Baltasar said, repeatedly until it became a mess of syllables, He had to get a hold on himself. Baltasar was slowly falling under this monster’s sway even though he knew what the atrocities he had done. Under Izîl’s hands, everything seemed to fade away and he couldn’t afford that.

Abruptly, something hard and thick slammed all the way inside him. He cried out, arching against Izîl, the vampire’s balls pressed against his ass. Baltasar gripped the headboard even tighter as Izîl bottomed out and slammed right back into him.

“Oh god,” Baltasar shouted, as Izîl immediately zeroed in on his sweet spot.

“You like that, pet?” Izîl asked. He picked up the pace and didn’t give Baltasar a moment to adjust. He just ran roughshod over him like a tidal wave and all Baltasar could do was hold on as Izîl shoved into him again and again. His poor dick was so hard that he thought he would go out of his mind if he didn’t come soon.

Izîl stopped and Baltasar was near tears at this point.

“I said,” Izîl said, way too calmly for someone who currently had his dick up Baltasar’s ass. “Do. You. Like. It?”

Baltasar licked his lips, “Y-yes.”

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I like it.”

Izîl thrust back into him. Just like before, he didn’t hesitate to immediately aim for his spot. Baltasar rocked his hips back into every thrust, his hands gripping the headboard so tightly that it surprised Baltasar that the iron wasn’t was cutting into his palms. He couldn’t hear anything but the Izîl’s grunts and the slap, slap, slap, of skin hitting the skin.

The vampire roared, the speed of Izîl’s fucking got impossibly faster.

‘Baltasar, you must have the courage and the conviction to follow through.’

It was the strength he needed to pull away from Baltasar’s desperation to come, and as Izîl tipped over into the ecstasy of his climax Baltasar’s hand slipped down to the floor where his jacket lay. Izîl tipped his head back and roared.  Seeing his opportunity, Baltasar grabbed his stake and lunged.