Chapter 4

“Destruction, hence, like creation, is one of Nature’s mandates.”

― Marquis de Sade

The stake pierced Izîl’s heart, or it tried to but the vampire was suddenly painfully gripping Baltasar’s arm. The human struggled against Izîl to no avail. He tried to shove Izîl away with his free hand, tried to punch and scratch him but Izîl jerked his other hand away. Then he was being slammed hard against the mattress with Izîl looming over him. Seduction turned into a rage that was burning brightly in his red eyes, he growled his teeth inches away from his face. Now, his hands like a vice grip around his throat

Baltasar gasped, struggling against Izîl’s hands around his throat making the human flail like a fish out of water.

“You dare come into my territory, and try to kill me, Baltasar Kristofferson?”

Baltasar eyes went wide, heart pounding in his chest as panic, fear flooded through his body.

“Yes, I knew who you were from the moment you arrived at the gates.”

“W-why?” Baltasar barely got out.

“Why did I let you in?” Izîl shrugged, nonchalantly. “I wanted to know how far you would take this charade.” The vampire ducked down and his teeth were piercing his skin. Baltasar weakly tried to buck him off but with Izîl’s hard weight was on top of him. It was like trying to move a boulder.

Eventually, Izîl releasing his grip, and licked lips that were stained red with Baltasar’s blood. His hands weakly went to his neck and weakly pulled back to see his fingers drenched in blood. His eyes darted fearfully around the room for his stake and he couldn’t find it;  now the advantage of surprise was long gone. He thought to go for the second stake, but with the blood loss, he was too weak to move.

“So sweet,” Izîl hummed to himself. He tapped his finger to his lips. “You are such a good fuck,” Izîl, sighed. “And you are delicious too.”

Izîl pushed his dreadlocks back, “Tell you what, let’s make a deal.”

“A-A deal?” Baltasar stuttered, a feeling of dread curling in his stomach.

“Yes, Izîl’s fingers trailed down Baltasar’s cheek. “If you are a good boy for the rest of the night. I’ll free you in the morning”

“Why should I trust you?” Baltasar spat. “You murdered my family.”

Izîl growled, his face once again inches away from Baltasar’s, “And your family murdered dozens of my brethren with no cause!”

“They were vampires!”

“They were people,” Izîl snapped. “They had dreams and lives just like you. The only difference is that they drink blood occasionally.”

Baltazar scoffed, “You want me to believe that? They were monsters, just like you.”

“You will agree to this deal now,” Izîl replied curtly. “or I will kill you where you lay.”

Baltasar didn’t trust this deal in the slightest. However, if he took this deal, it would buy him the time he needed to think of a way to kill Izîl or plan his escape.

“I’ll take it.”


Baltasar wearily watched as Izîl scooted to the end of the bed. He leaned against the footboard looking unlike a lion lazily eying the gazelle before it pounced. Baltasar tried to not to show fear, but this was not a simple vampire. Izîl was ancient and but he was the most dangerous of the entire lot. Izîl Asar slaughtered indiscriminately. If you crossed him, you would murder not only you but your entire family.  The old familiar mixture of rage and grief welled up inside of him of how he found his mother, father, and all of his extended family with their throats torn out, his childhood home in flames. He could still recall the scorching heat of the fire.

Baltasar would have been murdered right alongside his family if he hadn’t snuck out to a party that night. Along with that, Izîl was heavily guarded unless he was having a tryst with one of his many lovers.

It was one reason it took him five long years to get close enough to kill him.

“Turn around,” Izîl ordered, lazily.

Baltasar froze, and Izîl lifted an eyebrow and the human reluctantly did what he was told. His heartbeat was pounding in his ears, and he couldn’t quite repress how his hands were shaking.

“On your hands and knees.”

Baltasar complied.

“Spread your legs.”

Baltasar closed his eyes, his cheeks flushing with heat.


Baltasar followed the vampire’s command. He waited for Izîl to do something. The tension quickly moving from awkward to excruciating.

Baltasar almost jumps as cold hands abruptly on his ass. Izîl hands rub across his ass cheeks. The vampire pulled his cheeks apart to see his own come leaking out of his hole.

“Pretty little hole,” Izîl hummed to himself, as he started to pet it. “Can’t wait to wreck it again.”

Baltasar could only do nothing but kept his arms down on the bed with his ass in the air. The humiliation and the shame rushing through him as his cock which had gone down at Izîl’s earlier attack twitched in renewed interest.

Izîl’s, thick fingers went back to rubbing Baltasar’s ass. “But first, I think you need punishment.”

“‘What the hell?’ ” Baltasar swore, at the hard slap on his ass.

“Quiet!” Izîl barked, “You say nothing until I say so or our deal is void!”

Baltasar swallowed down his anger and nodded.

He bit back a curse as Izîl slapped his right cheek and then left in rapid succession. With his vampire strength, the pain hurt way more than a spanking he ever received as a child. The blows were random, each stinging as more than the last. Even though the pain, he didn’t dare move. Despite himself, he found that his eyes were burning with unshed tears.

Baltasar stood like that for god knows how long, praying that his torment was over. To make things worse, his cock was so damn hard he thought it would die from the need to come. The submission had been tolerable when he was letting Izîl think he had the upper hand. But now, Izîl owned him for the night and he couldn’t hide behind those excuses.


He bit his lips so hard; it was bleeding. His ass cheeks were hot and the pain and pleasure blurred together until Baltasar couldn’t tell them apart. All he could do was hold on now and wait until Izîl got his fill.

His face dripping with tears, the time seemed to go on forever until Izîl stopped.

“Your ass looks so pretty when it’s red,” Izîl whispered in his ear. He palmed Baltasar’s ass, and a whimper caught in his throat. The vampire moved away then and said: “Turn around.”

Baltasar wanted to protest because the last thing he wanted to do was put any pressure on his burning ass. Yet, Izîl was terms for his deal that was very clear and he didn’t want to risk his life. So, he carefully turned around and hissed at the pain.

Izîl just watched him, a smirk pulling at the edges of the vampire’s mouth, “Good boy.”

Baltasar glared at up at him. He ignored Baltasar. The human bit his lip and tried to repress his anger as best as he could.

Izîl climbed on top of him again, but instead of heading for his aching dick he hovered just above Baltasar’s chest, his dick waving in the human’s face. He brushed his long dreadlocks back and smirked down at him. “Suck it!”

Baltasar narrowed his eyes, leaned forward and swallowed the vampire’s cock. Izîl grabbed Baltasar’s hair. “I said, suck it.”  He bobbed up and down, as inch by thick inch of that hard cock slid down his throat. The taste of the vampire’s pre-come on his tongue, the strange coldness of Izîl’s member was strangely pleasurable.

“God, just like that.” Izîl moaned, “Your mouth was made to suck cock.”

Baltasar felt a flush of his cheeks and concentrated on not choking.


Baltasar found himself, oddly disappointed but he stopped.

“Look at me.”

“He blinked, and with some effort made himself look up to meet his Izîl’s red eyes through the blur of tears. Izîl tightened his hold on Baltasar’s head and started to move his hips; shoving his cock in and out of his mouth. His eye was burning as he tried not to gag.

“Yes, so good.” Izîl said, leaning forward, shoving his cook so far into Baltasar’s throat that he almost gagged on it, “Just take it.”

He just held on to the headboard and was quickly overwhelmed. Everything slipped away and he all he could concentrate on with this moment, the burn of Izîl’s thick cock stretching his lips, the salvia dripping from his chin, the grip of Izîl’s fingers in his hair. The vampire started to pick up the pace, and Baltasar thought his jaw would fall off.

Izîl was a blur of motion and then there was a long groan as a deluge of come slid down his throat. He tried to swallow it but it leaked out down the side of his mouth; a trail of it side down his throat. The come wouldn’t stop and Baltasar started to panic that he might choke thankfully, Izîl pulled out.

He bent over and his tongue swiped across his mouth. “I love the taste of you.”

Baltasar wanted to beg to come, want to plead at this point but all that he could do was hold on for the ride. Turns, out that Vampires had zero refractory periods. Time passed by and it was all blur of sex. He couldn’t even tell you how many positions that he had been in. But as the time ticked away, and the night faded gradually into the morning hours. By then, Baltasar had given up any hope that he would ever come. The room stank of sex and the sheets ruined a large puddle of come.

To his surprise, Baltasar managed not to come time after time. It shouldn’t be possible, but it was strange what stubborn will power and fear could do. All Baltasar could do was groan, his entire body was tight with tension and the suppress need to come. He moaned as Izîl flipped him over once again on his hands and knees. The vampire didn’t even ask, he just shoved Baltasar’s legs apart. He held back tears, as realized Izîl’s cock was hard yet again.

Izîl slid into him again, his hole was sore and dripping in come from all of their previous. Baltasar gave no resistance, he just laid there, defeated.

Baltasar’s eyes went wide as Izîl’s hands were around his neck and he was being jerked up to sit in his lap. Izîl’s hips slapping against the human’s as he drove deep inside Baltasar. The strength of his hips was so strong that the bed slammed hard against the wall.

He just leaned back into it, his head falling on the vampire’s broad shoulders.

“So, good.” Izîl’s deep voice purred into his ear. “Such a good obedient boy. You just love my cock, don’t you?”

“Y-yes.” He answered, despite himself.

“You love how I make you feel.”

“Yes!” He wailed as Izîl hit his prostate with a hard thrust.

Baltasar could feel Izîl’s cool breath on his neck and shivered as the vampire licked the place where his neck and shoulder met.

He grunted as he suddenly felt a torrent of cool come inside of him, and then Izîl’s strong hand was reaching around to stroke his desperate cock.

“Come for me,”

It didn’t take long, and before he knew it Baltasar’s body arched, toes curling, as a rush of heat and pleasure swept through his entire body. His eyes snapped open as something sharp piercing his neck, his vision whiting out and he could only faintly hear sucking noises as the vampire drained him of blood over his rapidly pounding heart. The overwhelming pleasure that swept through his body like a tidal wave.

His breath stuttering in his chest. It occurred to Baltasar that he was dying. A small part of him welcomed to the pleasurable end to his life. His final thoughts were of his father and the sinking feeling of disappointment.