Baltasar slowly opens his eyes. At first, he can’t really see anything. His vision was murky and he was confused. ‘Where am I?’ As if the universe waited that moment to answer his vision suddenly cleared and Baltasar could see that he is in the opulent bedroom. He shivers at how cold the room was He looked and was surprised to discover that he was completely naked.

Then the memories started of last night started to trickle in. The party, Izîl taking him to bed, Baltasar trying and failing to kill him, the deal, the sex… Baltasar’s hands fly to the spot Izîl had bitten him. Yet, the skin was healed, he can only feel the faint traces of a scar there.

Panic rising in his throat, his hand goes to his arm to check his pulse.

There was nothing.

His eyes went to the shut curtains, and one moment is on the bed and in a blink of an eye, he was standing next to the curtains. Baltasar knows what he has to do. With shaking fingers and he starts to pull back the curtains but then he was being yanked bodily away from the curtains. He spins around and Izîl is standing there uncaring of his nudity.

“Do you really want to die, Baltasar?”

“What did you do to me!” Baltasar demanded, stumbling back.

Izîl smirked at him, and lifted an eyebrow, “Oh, don’t play coy, Baltasar.”

‘You turned me into a vampire,’ Baltasar snarled.

‘I did,” Izîl calmly admitted.

Baltasar’s vision literally turned red, he felt the piercing pain of his fangs dropping, as he lunged at him. But Izîl shoved him away like Baltasar’s considerable weight meant nothing. He fell on his ass with oomph and Izîl rolled his eyes.

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

The door opened to reveal Jalen, once again dressed implacably in his bespoke suit. He bowed and his mouth split into a wide brilliant smile as he then turned to look at Baltasar. “I see everything went well, your majesty.”

“W-why?” Baltasar shakily asked. “Why would you do this?”

“I promised you that I would free you.” Izîl shrugged. “And so, I did. You are now free from your human problems. You are no longer bound by familial duty. ”

Baltasar could only stare at this vampire. Bile rose in his throat, and the room seemed to gradually close in on him.

“Your majesty,” Jalen broke the silence. “You have court in less than an hour.”

Izîl smirked and marched right up to Jalen and Baltasar watched in astonishment as he kissed Jalen. Their tongues tangled and Izîl moaned. Jalen broke the kiss, stepping back. He smiled, fangs glinting in the dim lamplight. “None of that, your majesty. You have someone else to take care of that.”

They both turned to Baltasar, scrambled back as he suddenly knew why he had been turned.

“Yes, Baltasar,” Izîl laughed, you were too delectable for just one night.”

The new vampire scrambled back until his back hit the wall. “No, no, no, no!”

“You are mine Baltasar Kristofferson,” Izîl said. “Forever. ”

Baltasar eyes darted around the room. He tried to look for a way to out of this but his stomach sank as it finally hit him that he was truly Izîl’s prisoner. Baltasar was his slave forever and there was truly no escape.