The Devil's Bargain by Rian Fox -A Red Devil With A Long Tail and Horns

Silas Cromwell didn’t use to believe in demons, but when a friend dares him to do ritual from a book he bought at an auction, he awakens an ancient demon that hungers for Silas’s soul.  To keep it, Silas must bargain his body for his soul. Yet, the deeper he sinks into a downward spiral of pleasure and pain, and Silas suspects that he might be a pawn in the demon’s devious agenda.

  • Monsterfucking
  • Dubious Consent
  • Breeding Kink
  • Tail Kink and Tail Fucking
  • Implied Mpreg
  • Informal Dom/Sub
  • Bad BDSM etiquette (Do not try this at home)!

Another year, another Halloween story! I have so many people to thank. First and foremost I would like to C.S. Conrad for all of their input and for basically taking my very basic premise and taking it to the next level.  This story would not be here if it wasn’t for her. I would like to thank all of my twitter and patron peeps in particular Claire Ryan and nappytendrils for rooting me on every step of the way. To my sibling from another mother Tris for being awesome and finally thank you to my wife Starr who when I told her about this book was ten times more excited than I was.  

Table of Contents